Everyday Amnesia

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:10-15

I am not what most people would call a “morning person.” Most mornings, when I first wake up, I am downright cranky.  My natural inclination is to lay in bed and forgo the excercise, family breakfast, and personal devotional time that have become my morning routine.  It is not until an admonishment from my wife or an ambush from my children that I am roused from my selfish stupor and reminded of who I am and what I have committed to.

It is amazing how much we forget from day to day.

Peter sees his role as one who reminds his readers about what is true about God and them, at least for as long as he is alive. He understood that the trials and tribulations of this life cause us to forget that we have been called and chosen by God.

When we struggle with temptation and stumble into sin, it is not because we don’t know who are we are.  It is because we forget how overwhelming the love of God is in comparison to the false promises of fulfillment that sin brings.

Amazingly, God does not let us forget for too long. Much like my daughters who love to jump onto me in bed while I cling to the last shred of unconsciousness, God ambushes us with His love and grace.

Time and again, we forget this. Time and again, we must be reminded.  Time and again, God shows up to wake us from our selfish stupor and remind us of who we are and what it means to follow Jesus in the everday of life.

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